Among the highest esteemed pianos in the world

,Broadwoods were found with Haydn, Beethoven, and in the finest palaces. Broadwood's English Action was in direct competition with the Viennese type of action. In 1886, Liszt played a Broadwood grand on his last visit to London. Still in business today, Broadwood supplies the instruments to the royal family of England.

John Broadwood, a Scottish carpenter, married Shudi's daughter and trained in the Shudi workshop. By 1773, Broadwood and Shudi's son were full partners in the business. Broadwood experimented with making square pianos very early on. By 1777, along with Americus Backer and Robert Stodart, Broadwood had developed one of the earliest grand pianos. By 1795, the company became "John Broadwood & Son". The last harpsichords had been made two years earlier. 

A Short History of Broadwood Pianos

A short history of The Broadwood Piano Company.

1851 Broadwood grand piano - Chopin

Artis Wodehouse describes and plays on an 1851 Broadwood grand piano she found at the Furniture Consignment Center, 3093 Shelburne Rd., Shelburne ...

Kris Nicholson Demos his 1853 John Broadwood & Sons 8ft 5 Concert Grand Piano

Kris Nicholson Demos his 1853 John Broadwood & Sons 8ft 5 Concert Grand Piano.

Grand Pianos

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