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Broadwood Pianos

Among the highest esteemed pianos in the world,Broadwoods were found with Haydn, Beethoven, and in the finest palaces. Broadwood's English Action was in direct competition with the Viennese type of action. In 1886, Liszt played a Broadwood grand on his last visit to...

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Bechstein Pianos

The house of Bechstein has been making highly prized pianos since 1853 in Berlin. Carl, the founder, was appointed court maker to the King of Prussia. This firm achieved great success on an international scale and was continued on into the 20th century by Carl's sons....

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Yamaha N3PE AvantGrand N3 Hybrid Piano

[content-egg module=Youtube template=responsive_embed] [content-egg module=Amazon template=price_tracker_alert] AvantGrand N3 With a design embodying the latest in technology, Yamaha signals a new direction for the piano. This, our flagship model, is the ultimate...

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Bösendorfer is the most famous and respected name in European pianosThe company was established in 1828 by Ignaz Bösendorfer in Vienna, Austria, and was continued in 1859 by his son Ludwig. Bösendorfer came to prominence when Franz Liszt played an entire concert on...

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