Bösendorfer is the most famous and respected name in European pianos

The company was established in 1828 by Ignaz Bösendorfer in Vienna, Austria, and was continued in 1859 by his son Ludwig. Bösendorfer came to prominence when Franz Liszt played an entire concert on one instrument without destroying it! Typically, Liszt would go through several pianos abandoning them with parted strings and shattered hammers, apparently leaving the audience exhausted as well. The company is still producing magnificent pianos today, 173 years after Ignaz built his first instrument.

Bösendorfer is among the world’s eldest piano manufacturers, rich in tradition and world famous for the sound and outstanding quality of its instruments.

Each Bösendorfer grand piano is the product of not only over a whole year’s work but also expertise passed down from generation to generation since the company was founded in 1828.
Our focus is on highest quality. This applies to the materials as well as for the competence of our highly trained piano makers.

We always have our ultimate aim in our minds: to build your unique Bösendorfer.

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